Although our love affair with inspiring wines consistently takes us to new heights of exploration, we strongly believe wine should be fun, not stuffy. Our cellar list is both approachable for those newly discovering what they like, yet consistently keeps our biggest oenophiles ever-so-slightly raising a brow in sophisticated surprise. =)

By the glass, by the bottle, you guessed it, with over 100 bottles to choose from, selecting is certainly worth a ponder. However, one thing is certain, our servers are time and again lending out their pens to guests, who scribble down the name of newly discovered wineries and vintages.

We like to break down our by-the-glass selection into these categories:

LIGHT HEARTED easy drinking + delicate charm
ELEGANT graceful + complex finesse
POWERFUL bold + lasting impression

Additionally, rather than burst at the seams attempting to hold in the joy of our latest finds, we showcase a unique additional category:

FEATURE – we think it’s great + we like to share!

To take things just one tiny step further, we’ve extended our passion for wine beyond the finely crafted glassware, to create a stunning ambiance of hand-carved tables, gorgeous Canadian wood cabinetry with a open-air garage door to visually ensure that the sense of taste isn’t the only part of your experience being reminded of the finer things in life.

We’d love to share this with you.

White Wine by the glass.

Red Wine by the glass.

Cellar List