The flavours?

That’s a toughie. When you have a Chef that believes it heretical to use mere words to describe such otherworldly enchantedly rich flavours, we tend to invite enquiring guests to come taste and see!

Descriptions aside, time and again we love hearing from guests pleasantly surprised to find a boutique restaurant offering the crisp perfection of our seasoned-hand-cut-frites on the same menu as our Duck Confit, which, may as well be a means of teleportation to Southern France. Speaking of teleportation, have we mentioned our vineyard inspired Napa Valley Pizza? It’s exceptional.

We welcome weekly-regulars night after night, alongside special-occasion-celebrators, doing so with a menu rich in diversity to satisfy exactly what’s craved. For our own annual celebration (in addition Downtown Peterborough festivals we so love being a part of), we’ve created the Annual Harvest wine paired dinner that flat-out immortalizes (with appreciation) the efforts of the hardworking farmers and winemakers of Ontario. This five course, paired dinner reminds us year-after-year, why we are so hooked on Ontario.

The best ways to find out about these, and other great memory-making food and wine experiences, are the usual ways ways to keep in touch (phone / email / drop-by!). It’s true – we do love food, wine and celebrating life, but we should be clear in stating that without a community of people to share it with in appreciation, the vitality within it all wouldn’t radiate so brightly.

So, thank-you. It’s people like you that make what we do come alive with such passion and vitality.

Hope to see you (again?) soon!




House Salad $5
Mixed greens, seasonal vegetables & dried cranberries with a citrus honey vinaigrette

Greek Salad $6
Cucumbers, tomatoes, red onion, feta cheese, artichoke hearts & Kalamata olives in a red wine & oregano vinaigrette

Sun-Dried Tomato Caesar $6
Romaine, crisp prosciutto and asiago chips in a roasted garlic & sun-dried tomato dressing

Brio Frites $6
Our famous seasoned hand-cut fries served with our curry mayo dipping sauce. The best fries in Peterborough

Soup of the Day $6
A fresh creation made daily. Ask your server for details

Brio Gusto Bruschetta $9
Grilled garlic baguette topped with chilled basil marinated tomatoes and finished with crumbled feta cheese, chiffonade spinach & balsamic reduction

PEI Mussels $10
your choice of Classic Garlic Butter and White Wine or Mussels of the Day

Prosciutto Baked Brie $16
A personal size Brie wheel, wrapped in prosciutto, baked and served wdith garlic croustinis and seasoned greens

Calamari Fritti $12
Cornmeal dusted, fried calamari tossed with fresh herbs and our house made Cajun spice, served with candied lemon & caper mayo

Meat & Cheese Duo $17
A changing duo of Wild game salamis and cheeses from Chasing the Cheese, thyme & rosemary jelly, apricot mustard, sweet and spicy walnuts, seasoned greens & baguette





Sweet & Spicy Tenderloin Sandwich  $15
House made bread grilled with brown sugar and chili glazed pork tenderloin, apple chutney, Boerenkaas smoked cheese, caramelized onions and arugula with roasted garlic mayo

Rosemary’s Roasted Chicken Club $15
Peterborough’s NEW favorite sandwich – herb roasted chicken, candied bacon, cheddar, tomato, Dijon and rosemary mayo grilled on local seven-grain bread

Our Falafel Burger   $15
A delicate combination of locally grown Chickpeas and Ancient Grains with fresh herbs – fried to perfection. Served on a Baker’s Bun with garlic & dill sour cream, orange infused pickled onions, marinated tomatoes and fresh greens

The Gusto Burger $16
Lean ground Angus beef grilled to perfection, topped with crispy onion rings, sauteed mushrooms, smoked bacon, horseradish aioli & Oka cheese

 Perch Tacos $15
Two grilled soft flour tortillas stuffed with Panko fried perch, chipotle sour cream, salsa fresca, zesty coleslaw, crumbled feta cheese & cilantro



Napa Valley $15
Our house-made thin crust is topped fresh basil and roasted garlic tomato sauce, herb roasted chicken, smoked bacon, tomato, red onion & roasted red peppers, topped off with our house four cheese blend and sprinkle of chili flakes

Pesto Pizza $15
Our house-made thin crust is topped with arugula basil pesto, roasted red peppers, marinated tomatoes, broccoli, prosciutto, spinach and our four cheese blend, baked and finished with balsamic reduction

That’s a Hellas Pizza $15
Our house-made thin crust is topped with a roasted garlic oil base, spinach, tomatoes, green olives finished with feta & mozzarella cheese  and a sprinkle oregano and chili flakes




Peking Pasta $16
Broccoli, bell peppers, onions, snap peas & mushrooms in a Hoisin chili cream sauce on linguine or rice noodles, topped with Asiago

The Greener $16
Grape tomatoes, white onions, spinach, broccoli, snap peas, Kalamata olives & linguine noddles tossed with white wine, garlic infused olive oil and arugula basil pesto, finished with crumbled feta cheese

La Rioja $17
Chorizo sausage, bell peppers, spinach, onions, Kalamata olives & mushrooms in a fresh herb tomato sauce on penne, topped with Asiago




Chipotle Chicken Caesar Salad$19
A smoky and lightly spiced pan-seared chicken breast served on Brio Gusto’s famous Sun-Dried Tomato Caesar Salad.

Duck & Greens 2.0 $18
Slow cooked, shredded duck confit over a bed of spring mix with roasted beets, red onions & fresh herbs in a blueberry balsamic vinaigrette finished with candied walnuts and chèvre

Salmon Nicoise Salad $16
Our rendition of this classic French dish – mixed greens tossed with cherry tomatoes, pickled onions, marinated Kalamata olives and dill in our honey citrus vinaigrette topped with roasted salmon, fried potatoes and hard boiled egg



All entrees served with roasted vegetables & choice of cheddar and herb stuffed baked potato or Wild & Basmati Rice Pilaf


Duck Confit $22
Two crispy duck legs, slowly roasted and finished with a sour cherry balsamic reduction

Shepherd’s Pie $18
Lamb leg braised in a citrus & juniper tomato and red wine sauce, layered with creamed corn and spinach and topped with cheddar and herb sweet potato mash – baked to golden and served with house salad and grilled garlic baguette

Maple & Bacon Sausage Stuffed Pork Chop $21
A truly Canadian inspiration. Bone-in pork loin chop stuffed with King St Market Maple Bacon Sausage and fresh sage, oven roasted and topped with a maple Dijon & White wine reduction

Maple & Soy Glazed Salmon $22
6oz fillet of salmon, pan-seared and oven roasted with a maple & soy glaze, topped with toasted sesame seeds

Mushroom & Chèvre Stuffed Chicken $22
Pan seared, oven roasted chicken breast stuffed with mixed mushrooms, arugula and chèvre, finished with a creamy white wine reduction

The Chef’s Cut $29
New York striploin steak, rubbed with garlic and herbs, grilled to perfection and topped with a traditional housemade  demi-glace